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Through our experienced operations team we can handle various kind of supply chain operations and services


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Bid Time : 08:00AM - 03:00PM

Bid Close Time : 03:00PM - 03:30PM

Deal Close Time : 03:30PM - 04:30PM

Welcome to Apna Godam

“An exclusive portal for Sellers / village level collectors where they can avail Warehousing , Commodity Finance and Market linkage all three facilities at one place”

Sellers don’t have access to warehousing facilities and commodity finance since Terminals are situated at far off locations. They sell their commodity immediately post harvest at lower price and don’t get the benefit of price appreciation.

We identify closed factories, Old sheds and abandoned buildings NEAR production area and convert them into agriculture Terminals where the Sellers can keep the Agri commodity and avail commodity loan by pledging the stock. When prices of agri produce are better then they can sell the stock to millers on the apnagodam portal on “ As is Where is basis”.

Why Apna Godam

We remove inefficiency in the entire supply chain and save cost to the Sellers

Our Strength

  • Terminals NEAR FARM
  • Affordable storage solution
  • Paper less loan process in just 10 minutes
  • Online CCTV access to customers
  • Online sale of agri commodity on “ As is where is basis”.
  • System and process driven organization.

Benefits to Sellers

  • Low transportation cost as the warehouse is nearby
  • Just send the commodity in warehouse and relax , everything is online
  • Proper Fumigations and spray to keep the commodity safe
  • Millers on board to purchase the commodity from Terminals
  • Grading / sorting facility in some Terminals